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인간 가치창조를 위한 사회와 자연환경을 생각하는 기업

"Good people, cherish and value one another"

DLP Company Limited, a subsidiary of DAELYUK PLATING CO., LTD has been committed to the manufacturing of plated and painted auto parts (such as radiator grilles and moldings) since its inception in August 2010 with the full line-up system including a fully automatic plating system.

The Company that pursues the human-oriented management leads the way in innovations and takes new challenges for the future of eco-friendly auto industry responding to changes in the world automobile industry, under the corporate philosophy of "Good people, cherish and value one another".

The Company supplies quality products that satisfy worldwide customers, including eco-friendly trivalent plated parts, painted chrome parts which have been approved for the first time in Asia, and color plated parts.

The Company committed to the independent core technologies for plating and painting, shall not cease to develop new technologies and techniques to achieve customer satisfaction.

DLP Co., Ltd.
Company Name DLP Co., Ltd.
CEO Soobok Park
Location 33 Hapducksandan-2-ro, Hapduck-eup, Dangjin-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea
Year of establishment 2010
Business Registration No 311-81-35505
Activities Injection, plating, painting of auto parts
Contact Telephone +82.41.350.8500 Fax +82.41.362.6291