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thical Management

It refers to a corporate management that facilitates members of the organization to make ethical decisions in ethical dilemmas. At the same time, it considers that meeting the ethical expectations imposed by social norms in conducting business as well as fulfilling economic goals and legal responsibilities is the basic duty of a company.

All the staff of DAELYUK PLATING CO., LTD actively participates in the realization of the spirit of ethics charter to win customers’ confidence.

Ethical Management

Ethics Charter

    • We shall contribute to the national economic growth through honest tax payment, lawful action and ethical values
    • We shall respect all ethical activities for the establishment of transparent management, and pursue socially responsible policies that respect public orders and interests.
    • We recognize the environment as a core success factor for the Company, and create corporate values through an active environment management.
    • We shall lead the development and supply of eco-friendly auto parts and take full responsibility as an auto part specialist.
    • We shall strive to secure quality of our auto parts so that our customers could grow as the top class automakers in the domestic and overseas markets.
    • We shall render technical and quality related supports to our vendors so that they could secure quality for their products.
    • We shall keep in confidence all confidential information of our customers and vendors with respect to their businesses and technologies which we obtain in the course of transactions with them, and shall not disclose the same to any 3rd party without prior consent of our customers or vendors.
    • We shall not alter information of our customers and vendors, disseminate false information about them, or damage their data in an unauthorized manner.
    • We shall actively and continually pursue activities that could contribute to new job creation and growth of local society and economy.
    • We shall respect each and every member of the Company to realize a mature organizational culture that is based on mutual trust and understanding.