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Proprietary Technologies

DAELYUK PLATING CO., LTD received a lot of attention from the industry in 2006 when it built a Full Line Service Systems covering the entire production aspects from product design, development and production to delivery. The System refers to the modular processes where a radiator grill and a bumper are assembled and delivered as one set.

The Company runs a R&D Center to concentrate on quality control and technology development thereby providing comprehensive services to achieve customer satisfaction.

Chrome gases generated from the existing chrome plating are harmful to the human body, but the trivalent chromium plating developed by the Company’s R&D Center is non-toxic and eco-friendly. As a result of the development that took 3 years, DAELYUK PLATING CO., LTD succeeded in the development of trivalent chromium plating for the first time in Korea, which is applied by only a few manufacturers in the world. The Company has successfully supplied the trivalent chromium plating to the North America since 2007.

경쟁력 확보

Product design utilizing CATIA & UG

경쟁력 확보

Optimum mold design through molding analysis


Optimum plating condition setup through plating analysis

Plating color

Plating color
Hexavalent chromium gloss Trivalent chromium white Trivalent chromium black 3 Trivalent chromium
dark black
Hexavalent chromium matt 3 Trivalent chromium matt